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Unisex USB Heating Hoodies

Unisex USB Heating Hoodies

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The "Unisex USB Heating Hoodies" are unique hoodies that come with heating elements, offering warmth and comfort. Here are some key features and information about these hoodies:

Heating Feature: These hoodies are equipped with heating elements that provide warmth through a USB connection. This feature is especially useful during colder weather to keep the wearer cozy.

Unisex Design: These hoodies are designed to be unisex, making them suitable for both men and women. They are typically loose-fitting for comfort and style.

Vintage Gothic Style: The description mentions a "Vintage Gothic" style, suggesting that the hoodies may have a design or aesthetic inspired by gothic fashion elements, which can include unique patterns, graphics, or themes.

Long Sleeve: The hoodies come with long sleeves, providing extra coverage and warmth for the arms.

Streetwear: They are categorized as streetwear, which typically refers to casual and fashionable clothing styles often associated with urban culture and street fashion.

Battery Not Included: The hoodies do not come with the required batteries, and you would need to purchase them separately. This information is important to consider when ordering.

Asian Sizing: The sizing of these hoodies follows Asian sizing standards, which are typically 2-3 sizes smaller than European sizes. It's essential to refer to the provided size chart to ensure you choose the correct size.

Recommended Batteries: To power the heating elements in the hoodie, it's recommended to use batteries with high USB Power Delivery (expressed in watts, W). The higher the USB Power Delivery, the higher the heating temperature provided by the hoodie.

Example of Power Calculation: The description provides an example of how to calculate output power in watts (W) using the formula: Output Power (W) = Voltage (V) × Current (A). For instance, an output power of 10W can be achieved with a battery that has a voltage of 5V and a current of 2A.

These Unisex USB Heating Hoodies offer a combination of fashion and functionality, allowing wearers to stay warm and stylish in cold weather. The USB heating feature makes them a unique and practical addition to your wardrobe. Be sure to check the size chart and choose the appropriate battery for the desired heating effect.

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